My 5 Top Tips for Losing Weight Fast

1.  Cut your portion size. The number one reason for excess weight is excess food. See
if you can reduce your protein and/or carbohydrate portion size by 10-20% and
replace it with any green vegetable, carrots, mushrooms, beetroot etc. That way you
will hardly notice it missing. Most vegetables (exclude potatoes, pumpkin
and corn) are calorie free so you can eat them in abundance!

2.  Replace one meal a day with a low calorie smoothie. Check out some of my quick and easy to make recipes HERE

3.  Drink more water. Most often when we think we are hungry we are in fact thirsty so aim to drink at least 8 cups of water per day.

4.  Reduce salt intake. Salt is known for water retention which can easily add a few kilos to your weight. Cut the salt and let your waters flow.

5.  Slow Down…. Make space and time for eating, make it a ritual. Chew very very
slowly, that helps you to feel full before you have even finished your meal.  Feel the texture of the food in your mouth, look at the colors, what does it smell and taste like?

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