Buckwheat Pancakes

My granddaughter absolutely loves these!  Rinse the buckwheat, then cover with water and soak overnight.  Add the cinnamon and mix with a hand blender.  Add more water if you want a thinner consistency.  Put a small amount of oil into pan to heat and then some to the mixture for your ideal size pancake. Cook for about two minutes each side and serve.

  • 500 grams buckwheat
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • oil for cooking, eg rice-bran, sunflower or avocado.

Add your favorite toppings.  We like to spread apple sauce on the pancake and then add some coconut yogurt along with walnuts, bananas and maple syrup, yumm yum!

2 tbsp cooked buckwheat = 1 Apple

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