Marcella Volino – Health and Wellness Expert

Hello I am Marcella and I have been interested in Health and Wellness for as long as I can remember. My early experiences of health challenges, coupled with the ineffectual support offered through conventional means, led me in search of answers as to how I could transform myself both physically and mentally from a place of dis-ease towards health and vitality.  I sought alternative solutions and spent many years studying an array of modalities ranging from the very dense and physical such as nutrition, yoga and massage to the very esoteric and spiritual such as psychotherapy, meditation and the empowered feminine.

Through my own personal journey of healing and transformation, I have discovered the importance of harmonizing mind, body and spirit as part of any Wellness Program.  I live in gratitude that I had the support I needed to bring me to a place of Health and Vitality and I continue to be committed to my ongoing Wellness.

Now I facilitate others in all things related to Wellness.  It gives me immense pleasure sharing my skills and knowledge and I enjoy seeing people transform their lives and move freely towards their goals.  I will support you to have more energy, to be empowered, feel confident, to be balanced, feel relaxed, to lose weight, and overall to have better health. I am adept at developing customized programs for individuals or groups that ensure your success.

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