“I was recommended to attend Marcella’s coaching session at a time when I was coming up to some pretty significant life changes, which had resulted in me feeling very anxious & stressed and a little out of touch with myself. I found Marcella’s sessions very helpful with getting back on the right track and also learnt some good skills and techniques to help deal with these changes and with life’s challenges in general.
Thank you Marcella ūüėä

“I spent 6 months with Marcella keeping a food diary and developing an eating plan together.¬† I am gradually losing weight 6kg in 6 months.¬† Marcella’s mentoring and support has motivated me. To have someone with¬†impressive qualifications and experience in Holistic health is wonderful.¬† Having to report in to someone regularly is an important part of the weight loss process for me.¬† I would recommend her services to those who are challenged by health and weight issues. ¬† Regards” Anne-Marie

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your relaxed, friendly health and wellness coaching sessions.¬† You have supported my drive to get back on track with some regular exercise, meditation and changes in my diet that support pain and inflammation in my joints and manage some weight loss.¬† You have reminded me to, most importantly, take quiet, restful time for me, more often.¬† I truly believe we can improve our quality of life through diet and mindfulness and even heal ourselves, but sometimes we just need that extra support and guidance to motivate us to make those necessary changes, and that has been where our sessions have been invaluable.¬† The holistic approach of diet, meditation and gentle exercise is a much more enduring approach and I only wished it was more commonplace and trendy 30 years ago.¬† The hardest part is not letting our busy lives drive us away from making the right choices and then sticking with the new behaviors by not letting the old behaviors take over again! ¬†I will happily make contact again in the future should I lose my way again and need your support.¬† Much gratitude.”¬† SJ

“After attending regular clinics with Marcella, in a relaxed and supported atmosphere, I am well on the way to completely coming off a medication that no longer serves me. It has been a rewarding journey and through Marcella I have learnt many new skills pertaining to my overall health and well-being, which has improved my life in many areas.¬† Marcella‚Äôs knowledge of real whole alive food, background in yoga and it‚Äôs philosophy and understanding in mental and physical health has been invaluable to me.¬† Marcella passed on her knowledge in a manner which has been relevant and easy to understand.¬† I recommend this journey with Marcella to everyone no matter what your goals in life are.” ¬† Michele, Taranaki

“I found Marcella to be perceptive and helpful. ¬†After having 3 children one after the other, and getting caught up in life as a mother, I came to her a bit lost. Her feminine vitality coaching got me back on track. ¬†Marcella has many techniques in mindfulness, breathing and movement that helped me realize my energy as a woman. After a few practices in letting go and healing past trauma, I left Marcella feeling focused, energetic, and back to myself again. Thank you so much for your help, Marcella! I miss our breathing sessions!”¬† Jamie Swan

“I found Marcella’s work to be very nurturing and healthful for my body and internal being. There is an incredible presence in her work. I felt safe, secure and profoundly touched during the session. I would highly recommend experiencing Marcella‚Äôs work.” Daniel Hales

“I recently had a training session with Marcella which was extremely profound and inspiring.¬† I had been feeling very stressed both¬†physically and emotionally and couldn’t seem to connect with my inner happiness or “spark”.¬† In one¬† session, Marcella showed me how to get myself back into a state of inner bliss by connecting with the breath, body and feminine energies. This was incredibly relaxing and releasing for me and¬†made me feel deeply re-energized and¬†reconnected to my inner sense of joy.¬†
I can’t recommend Marcella’s sessions highly enough. She gave me the tools to develop my own ongoing practice and was very supportive and nurturing.¬† I will be back for more.¬† Namaste,”¬† Anne¬† Craig¬†